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Adrienne Castellon holds a Doctorate of Educational Leadership from Simon Fraser University. Over the past twenty-five years she has been a secondary teacher, elementary principal, education consultant and university instructor. Dr. Castellon teaches at Trinity Western University in Langley, British Columbia where she is the Stream Director for the Master of Educational Leadership. She is involved in the K-12 system through various projects and professional development consulting.

The intention behind this blog is threefold:

  • to help me be a more reflective practitioner,
  • keep in contact with students and colleagues and
  • contribute to a wider Community of Practice in Educational Leadership.



Our deepest appreciation to all volunteer solicitors who gave so generously of their time and talent to help reach a lasting endowment fund of $1 500 000 to support a high-quality leadership program for Catholic women across Canada.

Please click here for a list of members of the Steering Committee, Honorary Committee, Cabinets Members and Provincial sub-committees to who we are truly thankful.

Claire Heron, Chair
Faith Anderson
Celine Berlinguette
Cathy Bouchard
Late Sr. Annata Brockman
Lidwina Critch
Marjorie D’Entremont
Louise Doiron
Neysa Finnie
Velma Harasen
Rita Janes
Annette Kelly
Lynn Lavictoire
Ingrid Lefort
Barbara McDonald
Moira McQueen
Angela Pellerin
Sheila Quinn
Claire Robichaud
Carol Lynn St-James Fascia
Barbara Vincent
Pat Deppiesse
Cecile Miller

Tillie Aessie
Carmen Arnold
Crystal Bona
Kathryn Bourque
Betty Anne Brown Davidson
Most Rev. Douglas Crosby
Janice Deslauriers
Ann Doucet
Betsy Fletcher
Mary Hunt
Dorothy Johansen
Sr. Nuala Kenny
Mary Jo Leddy
Diane Lemay
Most Rev. William McGrattan
Lorette Noble
Josephine Peddigrew
Colleen Randall
Kim Scammell
Marlin Taylor
Hope Winfield
Marlene Pavletic
Suzanne Brosseau

Alicia Ambrosia
Pat Battensby
Dodie Bond
Monica Brechka
Mary Capobianco
Patricia Cross
Doris Dickson
Barbara Dowding
Doreen Gowans
Margaret Ann Jacobs
Sylvia Jurys
Glenda Klein
Jennifer Leddy
Judy Lewis
Janet McLean
Jean-Robert Nolet
Donna Prevost
Carol Richer
Joan Schurter
Anna Tremblay
Suzanne Wiseman
Diana Poisson
Celine Berlinguette

Theresa Schopf

Theresa Schopf

CWLF Member at Large

Theresa was elected a director of the Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation effective January 1, 2018, and is very excited to work with this new program.