Claire Heron

Claire Heron

Claire is the chair of the Catholic Women’s Leadership Foundation (2015)

She had many roles at diocesan and provincial levels of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada and nationally was Communications and Organization Chair before serving as national president from 1994-1996.

Claire was the first Roman Catholic appointed by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops to Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada (WICC).  She worked diligently to represent our faith tradition and to work ecumenically with the other ten faith groups represented.  She became the Council’s president, a term which was extended due to the untimely death of its president-elect.

Claire represented the League on the Board of the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations for two terms, one of which as the Vice President for the North American region.  In this capacity, she attended General Assemblies in Canberra, Australia, Rome, Italy and Arlington, USA.  As a Board member, she worked on the Orientation Committee which resulted in her accepting to chair the WUCWO Endowment Fund (EF).  The EF had internal and external components.  Member organizations were contacted first.  As a result, the target of $750,000 was reached which provides annual interest for WUCWO’s use.

Currently, Claire chairs the Saskatoon Diocesan Ecumenical Commission.  She was recently appointed to a second five year term as the Spiritual Advisor for the Saskatoon Diocesan Catholic Women’s League